OK... This is where the fun starts, pick your cool colors below! Dont be shy to get that gift for a friend....now's the time to get em. 

*** Remember these aren't for the small children as there are some small parts involved, Bikey Bellz and Hikey Bellz are for the adventurers and those looking to add style and Jingle to their Jangle when they get out on the Bikey and Hikey Trails. 

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Hot Pink w/ Silver Bellz                                $24.95

Desert Tan w/Black Bellz                            $24.95

Desert Tan w/Bronze Bellz                        $24.95

Hikey Bellz

Gold Bikey Bellz                                      $16.95

Black w/ Black Bellz                                            $24.95

Bronze Bikey Bellz                                  $16.95

Return Policy:  If your Bikey Bellz or Hikey Bellz should have an issue within 30 days of shipment. Send us an email for a authorized return

Black Bikey Bellz                                    $16.95

Hot Pink w/Black Bellz                                 $24.95

Silver Bikey Bellz                                     $16.95  

Slate  w/ Silver Bellz                                          $24.95

Electric Blue w/ Silver Bellz                                  $24.95

Handcrafted Quality

Electric  Blue w/ Black Bellz                               $24.95

Bikey Bellz  and Hikey Bellz